Younger Days

Today I’m going to share with you some pictures of me in my younger days! I was born on 18 February 2009 in Hyderabad and have seven siblings. My Mom, Suzy, is a loving, crazy white boxer with brown patches. Corinne says she looks like a pirate with a patch on her eye. She also says that I’m as crazy and loving as my Mom. My Dad is a prize-winning boxer who looks really fierce. You will notice he has his ears cropped. José and Corinne decided early that they were not going to enter me for any dog shows and certainly didn’t want to have my ears cropped. They wanted a pet and they sure got one! 😉


My siblings, my Mom and Dad

When they came to pick me up I was happy to go home (Corinne’s parents house) with them and bonded with them instantly. I remember the first night that they put me in a box near their bed. I managed to get out of it and went to pull Corinne’s hair when I need to be taken out to ease myself. They were really pleased at how clever I was even back then!


Don’t you just love me?

In case you haven’t got enough of little me, then watch this video that Corinne created a while back.

The Blogging from A to Z April Challenge is getting over soon. I  take this opportunity to thank you all for your comments and love. I still have to respond to all your comments. My apologies on behalf of my tardy secretary – I might have to consider sacking her!

But you, dear readers, I love. I will continue to blog at this space, so do come by and visit me.

Today we’re on Y of the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge.


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  1. PhenoMenon says:

    Ooh nice one, I love dogs..


  2. Meena menon says:

    Sack his secretary huh 😉

  3. Pablo, you’re the cutest sweetie…the video is amazing. Guess, you should forgive your secretary for being a bit tardy, its alright she’ll catch up. What’s important is that she loves you 🙂 Take Care

  4. Those are seriously such cute pics… I love them when they are puppies and can cajole them too.. its when they grow big and when they want to lick me… I get the creeps… I love them but from a distance…

    He did look quite cute when he was young 🙂

  5. I enjoyed getting to know more about you, Pablo. You come from such great stock, no wonder you look so adorable. As for your secretary, don’t be so hard on her. She’ll rally around eventually. Right now, she is doing so much for the entire community. Methinks her morale would be boosted if you took some time out to spend exclusively with her.

  6. Oh I loved, loved, loved this post best of all! Pablo, you are such a cute darling. 😀
    And you are one smart one for pulling Corinne’s hair and letting her know you had to go out.
    Luci loves this post too and is going to share it on her Facebook page. 🙂

  7. Beautiful video Pablo…and you call your secretary tardy? She just adores you and has made the whole wide world fall in love with you. You have the most soulful eyes dear.

  8. Aw. You were cute in your younger days and still cute now.

  9. Cuteness personified!! Hope you keep blogging, Pablo!

  10. what a cute post by Pablo again <3 and that video . So loved it !
    may the love blossom
    Good day

  11. aaaaaaaaaaah, Pablo – it looks like I may end up liking your clan after all ; cuddles and love big boy !

  12. sheethalsusan says:

    Seeing you make me rethink about my decision of not having any pets.
    You are such a cutie pie, Pablo! :*

  13. Awww Pablo, Can I hug you? You’re such a sweet lil thing, and such wonderful pictures of your younger days 🙂 🙂

  14. Hi Pablo,

    Nice to see you here too participating in the challenege – and I LOVED to see you pictures too 🙂

    You reminded me of my dog when he was a pup – those puppy pictures are sooooo cute. I wish I could have held you way back then. And I wish I could’ve taught some good manners like you learned to sleep in your bed, because he sleeps on ours – with us!! I don’t blame him because when he was a pup, he used to howl till we picked him up, and my kids used to even give him a pillow to sleep on – so he’s not as good as you there – but we love him 🙂

    I know the challenge ends tomorrow, so am here to cheer up all of you. I think you’ve all been awesome to take up this challenege and complete it all till the very end…hats – off 🙂

  15. Oh My God! Pablo, you have been a cutie pie right from childhood! Wish I could cuddle and rock you to sleep like lil Lisa… Oh but now you are a bog boy!
    Have faith your secy will get around to do all the pending tasks soon. I am sure you understand that this A to Z challenge has kept her on her toes!

  16. Pablo, you are very smart! I wish I could fall in love with you..but you see, I am little terrified of you…sorry! 🙁

  17. Pablo, I love thee! Yes that secretary of yours na…..I can imagine 😛 You were such a cutie when you were tiny. And such a handsome fella now. Loved this post. My fav from all of what you done till date. Muah!

  18. Pablo, you are so lucky – There are many children out there who don’t get the love you get and aren’t as lucky as you! You were so cuddly in 2009 and now, you are super duper cuddly! 😉

  19. I loved the video, and its a cute post… thanks for sharing !

  20. Pablo, you are one cute little doggie. Your ears look great and your mom Suzy must be so proud for you. Seeing your puppy pics and video made my day!

  21. Pablo you look real cute and adorable in the pics…and that’s a wonderful video created by your loving secretary :)…A wonderful post that brought back memories of my pet Sally.

  22. Loved your video, Pablo! What an adorable doggie you are! Your secretary did a great job on it.

    And I love the Carpenters. Always nostalgic for me since I had all their albums as a teenager in the 1970s.

    Cattitude and Gratitude

  23. Oh so cute! What a great home you have…

  24. Pablo, you are so adorable 🙂 So what if the challenge gets over, we’ll continue to visit you on Corinne’s page. Just tug her hair often enough to let you post.


  25. Pablo..<3<3 .How well you write and you lokoed cute when you were a puppy.Would like to meet you one day ,just make sure your secretary makes it happen… after-all,you are the boss you know !

  26. Pablo..<3<3 .How well you write and you looked cute when you were a puppy.Would like to meet you one day ,just make sure your secretary makes it happen… after-all,you are the boss you know !

  27. Love love love this post 🙂
    Pablo, you are truly blessed to have such a great family and they are more lucky to have a smart one like you. Keep pulling Corinne’s hair and posing for great photographs. As for the secretary, I think she is pure gold, and hey do visit Hyd when she comes here.

  28. :~) Oh, this made me smile. What a sweet story of babyhood for Pablo! So glad I popped over to visit today…. I can’t believe A to Z is almost over!

  29. Everytime I see you Pablo I am tempted to get one for myself… sheerly for the joy you bring along

    HUGS <3


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