Trying My Hand At Haiku

A few months ago, I wanted to try my hand at haiku.  I’m no poet but I loved how one could use this form to capture an idea in such few words.  But I needed someone to tell me that if I was doing it right. I sent off a message to Ruchira Shukla, someone who writes brilliant haiku and who is also an expert in Japanese. Ruchira gave me some insight into it – but I didn’t have the guts to try it out.

I decided then to ask Ruchira to share her knowledge on Write Tribe, which she most graciously did here. Her ‘rain’ prompt has set off a flood of Haiku with many of us trying our hand at it for the first time. Here are my feeble attempts:

Steady stream of blessings
Tapping on the window panes
Drenches the heart with love


In the far horizon
Threatening clouds of anger
Looking within – peace.


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  1. After Ruchira’s prompt, I know now that a Haiku is no laughing matter. I loved the thought behind your words Corinne, and the feelings that were conveyed. I think this is a brilliant attempt 🙂
    May you always have Peace <3

  2. If I may be honest – The first one is good – The kigo is there, the rules are followed (although there is a syllable count confusion !) and its nice to read. The second one though is so much closer to what my definition of a Haiku is ! It comes very close to capturing the essence of a Haiku !

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