True Vines

True Vines

True Vines

Title: True Vines

Author: Diana Strinati Baur

ISBN13: 9780982102343

Publisher: Gemelli Press LLC

Genre: Women’s Fiction



When her Italian winemaker husband dies suddenly, Meryl Michelli  leaves her husband’s home in Italy and moves back to her hometown in   Pennsylvania. She hopes this move will close the door on the heartache and she can move on.

However, a meeting with a childhood friend brings back a flood of memories of betrayal that she hasn’t come to terms with. Trying to re-adjust, in her mid-life, to life in the US is hard too. Added to that is the emotional distance she feels with her only sister. Everything adds up and Meryl has a complete breakdown.

True Vines moves between the Pennsylvania and the vineyards of northern Italy as Meryl tries to make sense of her life. The reader is treated to a wealth of emotional encounters that Meryl makes as she allows herself to heal the past and make peace with the present.

I found the book hard to put down as I was drawn into the drama of Meryl’s life – her relationships, her choices, her emotions. Baur has done a great job of characterization. She has also dealt with some great subjects – family ties, loyalty, love, following one’s heart with a great deal of sensitivity.

It’s not easy to do justice to descriptions of entirely different locales and cultures in one book, but Baur has managed to do that very skillfully.

I received an Advanced Reader’s Copy of the book from Net Galley in exchange for a review.


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  1. Cool…seems like an interesting read…. relationships intrigue me much, so guess this does sound interesting to me

  2. Love stories that span different cultures and locales. By the way, that Netgalley link does not work.

  3. I enjoy feel good love stories and books about relationships although lately I have been drawn to the suspense novels of Harlan Coben. ♥

  4. The book sounds nice especially given that it deals with multiple cultures, multiple points of time in the protagonist’s life, etc.

  5. This looks like a very interesting read. Of course all woman oriented books get my attention instantly, but your review thrown more light on its story as well. This one is worth a pick for sure 🙂

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