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Tony Partly Cloudy A “literary equivalent of My Cousin Vinny,” Tony Partly Cloudy is a fish-out-of-water comedic novel with a distinct Sopranos vibe to it.

The guy’s got a degree in meteorology. And he can predict the weather with a level of accuracy that’s downright freakish. Still, Tony Bartolicotti – or, as his “connected” friends in Brooklyn call him, Tony Partly Cloudy – can’t even get an audition to be a TV weatherman. The problem? He comes across like a Mafia goon: a hulking brute who dresses like a Blues Brother and freely uses “bada bing” as both a noun and an adverb. Not exactly the image most news stations are looking for.

But all that changes when a distantly related mob boss steps in on Tony’s behalf. Soon Tony’s career starts to take off, as America falls in love with the only weather anchor on TV who would predict “a whole lotta freakin’ snow.” Then the mob decides to call in the favors they’ve done for Tony. That’s when things get stormy…

Tony Partly Cloudy combines elements of comedy, satire, Mafia lore and romance into a slick, funny novel that readers of Elmore Leonard and Carl Hiaasen will enjoy.

My Take: Tony Partly Cloudly

A highly enjoyable book that is a complete package; a bit of the supernatural combined with romance, comedy and the Mob. Quite a cocktail that is guaranteed to  give the reader a high.

Besides having a gift of being able to predict the weather, Tony is also brainy and industrious.  So he decides develop the gift by studying  meteorology at university. The Mob provides him with an apartment and in return, the Mob use the place to establish alibis with the cops.

I am a sucker for books where the good guy is decent, hardworking, ingenious and honest;  Tony Partly Cloudly checks all the boxes and does not disappoint. And like all such book, there is a happy ending.




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  1. Tony partly cloudy sounds like a whole lot of Bad Bing 🙂 I love comedy stories, and happy endings with a bit of thrill and action added in for fun. I am going to read this book once the challenge is over, thanks for a great review.

  2. looks very different from the name and yeah the review sounds promising … 🙂 You are making me addicted to more and more books 🙁

    Participant|AtoZ Challenge 2014
    Smile, it makes (y)our day!

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