Three Little Words

English: Poori & Potato Masala

He didn’t mind the dreadful stench that came from the gutter opposite the restaurant. He didn’t mind waiting to be served. He normally didn’t make such hasty decisions about where to eat, but the sign had drawn him in. He couldn’t resist. He attempted to play a game on his phone, but his eyes kept wandering to the next table, where the boy was eating poori-bhaji.

Then the waiter served him his order. Hot poori-bhaji and the precious stuff in a little bowl. He ate with relish. He wouldn’t be able to come this way again until tomorrow. Until then, the memory of this meal would have to sustain him. As he left the restaurant, he turned back to read the sign again: Onions served free!

Onions are an integral part of Indian cuisine. With this particular dish and several others, raw onions are served, without an extra charge. However, in the last few months, onion prices have hit the roof and restaurants are cutting back on that free serving of onions.

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  1. That’s a good one. 🙂
    The onion prices are just refusing to go down. Got them today at Rs 58 a kilo!!

  2. Interesting use of the words to express …ah onion prices !

  3. Interesting how you used the three words to come up with this!! And what can I say, onions are literally making us cry!!

  4. Awesome post, especially loved how you linked up Three Word Wednesday with the title of your post which also refers to “Onions served free”, love every bit of creativity you put into this post, truly love it 😀

  5. Lovely!
    People used to shed tears while cutting/chopping onions.
    These days, just thinking about onions makes people shed tears!

  6. oh that’s sad I hate when prices go up and seems there no rhyme or reason for it.

  7. We seem to have an abundance of onions here in the United States because I have never noticed the prices to escalate on those. My daughter loves onions and eats them with abandon. Kind of a funny thing for a kid to love, but she does!!

  8. That’s interesting. They are also cutting down on lemon slices. 😀 at Rs.3 to 4 per lemon.

  9. With the price of onions soaring every single second. I might as well consider this place to be a seven star marriott or something 😛

  10. Onion always gives tear to everyone 😛 Price of onion going high to high whole year what to do common people.. But some kind hearted people serves onion free of cost with meal in a restaurant and Dhaba..

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