The Smallest Things


“I’m feeling funny,” she said.

“Funny? What do you mean?” he asked.

“Like I’m going to be sick,” she said. And before she could go on further, she puked all over him.

He didn’t blink, but went to get her a glass of water and a wet towel to clean up. Only then did he clean himself up.

She was most apologetic, but he just brushed her apologies aside.

Now on days when he seems cross with her, and she wants to be cross with him, she finds it hard. She always remembers this little episode with love and gratitude.

Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart, don’t they?

 Writing for the Write Tribe Wednesday Prompt.


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30 Replies to “The Smallest Things”

  1. This is a fabulous point. My life is full of instances like this, which help me stay totally calm in the worst situations. Always remembering the silver linings.


  2. C, that is sooo adorable isnt, it?
    how can we stay angry over stupid things our loved ones forget or goof ups when they love you soooooooooo much.. Thank you for the reminder.. I am going to be on a thank you trip today and wish I be a better human being too.. Hugs ^~^

  3. What a lovely write 🙂 I have a great husband that is much like the man described here. It does make it hard to get upset with him when I remember how much he always puts me first 🙂

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