The Shadow Of Your Smile


My dearest love

I stood on the platform waving to you until your train was a speck in the horizon. I was so sad at your leaving but proud of your decision. I was filled with hope too.

I have asked the doctor to give you this when you come back. Those long years of addiction have taken their toll on me. You would not go if you knew how far gone I was. But I wanted you to get a chance at rehab.

Stay sober and keep smiling. I go in peace, taking with me the shadow of your smile.

 Yours always.



Written in response to the 100 Words On Saturday prompt on Write Tribe.


100 Words on Saturday - Write Tribe





30 Replies to “The Shadow Of Your Smile”

  1. At least one of them is saved, thankfully or else it would have ended on a sad note!
    This story, it’s creative, unique and lovely. Truly… 🙂

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