The One That Got Away

the one that got away



Title: The One That Got Away
Author:Kelly Hunter
Publisher: Harlequin KISS
Publishing date: Jan 22 2013
ISBN: 9780373207008


Set largely in Australia, this second chance at love contemporary romance made a great read.

Evie (Evangelina) and Max are business partners. Max needs to access his 50 million dollar trust fund, to enable their business to make a bid on the project. If he marries Evie, he can do so without having to wait. They agree to a marriage of convenience. Max takes Evie to meet his mother. Max’s half-brother Logan comes visiting too.

Logan had seen the picture of Evie, Max sent their mother. He feels that she might be the Angie he had had spent a passionate week with over a decade ago. He comes to check out his suspicions.

Evie and Logan meet. The passion is rekindled. But Logan’s ghosts come back to haunt him. Evie has to prove to him that she’s not really the meek Angie he knew – she has morphed into independent Evie. Logan has to lay his own demons to rest. How will they work out their relationship? The emotions and the passion run deep.

I loved the characterization and emotion in this story. Kelly Hunter has done a great job with creating not just the main characters but the supporting ‘cast’ too.

I enjoyed this reading a review copy of this book via NetGalley.

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  1. Wooh, seems interesting with lots of passion and fiery independence. A film I saw sometime ago comes to my mind when I read this. I don’t recollect the name though. Itching to know the ending 😉

    Joy always,

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