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The Language of Sparrows: A Novel – Rachel Phifer

Brilliant and fluent in too many languages to count, 15-year-old Sierra Wright can’t seem to communicate what is important to her in any language. Though April Wright stubbornly keeps an upbeat attitude about her daughter’s future, she has let her own dreams slip away. Just across the bridge lives old Luca, scarred from his time in a Romanian gulag years before. Though he has seemingly given up on people, Sierra is drawn to him despite his prickly edges. No one else is comfortable with the unpredictable old man spending time alone with Sierra, not even Luca’s son. Yet it is this unconventional relationship that will bring two families together to form friendships and unearth their family stories, stories that just might give them all the courage to soar on wings toward a new future.

My views: This one was a winner with me – how a young person tries desperately to convey her pain and yet is so disconnected and how her mother deals with this – never giving up hope in her daughter, despite the girl’s behavior. Other significant characters include an old Romanian man, Luca and his son, Nick. Rachel Phifer has done a great job of etching out the characters and putting together a story that is so believable that it truly holds you right through. It is definitely a book worth coming back too as well. And I might read it again soon. 🙂



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  1. I’ve seen this book at the library.. will pick it up!
    sounds interesting

  2. Wow I love a book I can go back to and read again! Becomes a part of our lives! Thanks for sharing, Corinne!

  3. It sounds like a really captivating book. I will be adding this one to my “must read” list! Thanks for the review♥

  4. This sounds like an interesting book, since it deals with an unconventional relationship. Your recommendation is a big plus.

  5. A new one for me again, so will pick this up soon as it seems tempting to me 🙂
    When someone says sparrows, I’m instantly reminded of Khushwant Singh’s ” The Portrait of a lady” where sparrows are the heroes towards the climax !!


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