Every Once In A While

wheelchair sign

Every once in a while, he would ask her how she was doing. He cared deeply for her and she was grateful.

There were days she was happy, almost deliriously so, but there were other days too. Days when she longed for what might have been. Days when she wished that life had ended for her along with the rest of her family.   Days when the pain was intense, but she had learned to live with that.

She had survived. She had recovered, as best she could.  Despite being confined to a wheel-chair all her life, she was content.


I wrote these 100 Words, inspired by so many people who are have every reason to be unhappy and depressed, yet manage to find resources within themselves to not just survive, but make life meaningful. What an inspiration they are. Every time I feel like grumbling about an inconvenience, I think of people like this who live life with dignity and grace.

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