Love Water Memory

Love Water Memory
Love Water Memory

Title: Love Water Memory
Author: Jennie Shortridge
Published by: Gallery Books
Available on Amazon
My rating:

Jennie Shortridge had me from the opening page where a woman finds herself in the San Francisco Bay, freezing in knee-deep water wearing an Armani suit and Prada shoes and holding a Gucci bag. She has no clue who she is and how she got there. Her story captures the imagination of the media. Lucie is identified by her fiancé via a photograph shown on television.

She is diagnosed as having dissociative fugue (flight), a condition usually caused by severe emotional trauma. Is her fiancé abusive, the reader wonders. But when the gentle Grady arrives our fears are put to rest. However, it confuses Lucie all the more as she can’t recognize him at all.

He takes her back to the home they share and it is here that Lucie discovers the the person she was: unfriendly, driven, career-minded, obsessive, extremely health-conscious. Somehow she cannot reconcile that Lucie with the person she feels she is. The present Lucie is much friendlier, softer and much more interested in Grady and his family. Grady, who struggles with his own childhood demons, is in equal parts disconcerted and attracted to the new Lucie. They find themselves rediscovering and redefining their love for each other. Grady’s obsession with swimming and Lucie being found in the water and having no memory thereafter forms powerful imagery for attempts to drown or suppress painful memories.

Although the story of Lucie trying to fit the pieces back together, drags for a bit, it comes strongly back to life in the last seven chapters. Here Lucie discovers the shocking memories of her childhood that she had suppressed to become the hard and cold Lucie.

I liked the process of self-discovery and the exploration of the relationships in the book and found it hard to put down

I received an Advanced Reader’s Copy of this book for review from NetGalley.



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Just Breathe

Just Breathe (Random Romance)
Just Breathe (Random Romance)

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Title: Just Breathe
Author:  Janette Paul
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Random House, Australia

Dee Nichols took to yoga as a way out of her pain. Her pain stemmed from injuries caused by a car accident that also saw her then fiance walking out on her for fear she’d be crippled.  Yoga has now become Dee’s career too – she’s a yoga teacher. One of her students, Lucy Roxburgh invites Dee to a Christmas party, where she meets Lucy’s brother, Ethan Roxburgh. Ethan is the head of the powerful Roxburgh Holdings and a regular feature in the social pages of the newspapers.

Lucy offers Dee a job as a model for their health insurance company and overnight she’s a celebrity.  Ethan offers to coach her in how to make the best use of this offer and leverage it for other contracts. Dee is attracted to Ethan but thinks they’re too different to get together.  Ethan thinks otherwise………..

This is one of those books that I read all the way through. Sweet, touching, humorous and overall, entertaining.

I got this book for review via NetGalley.


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Heart Like Mine

Heart Like Mine
Heart Like Mine


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Title: Heart Like Mine
Author:  Amy Hatvany
Publisher: Simon & Schuster

A poignant story of love, loss and attempting to deal with the demands of family life, Heart Like Mine,  essentially reflects the story of two women and a soon to be woman – Grace, Kelli and Ava.

Grace, a career woman, had decided long ago that she didn’t want children. However, she is willing to compromise when she meets Victor Hansen, who is everything she wants and a divorced father of two children – a teenager, Ava and a young son, Max.  The children live with their mother, Kelli and Grace feels no pressure to take care of them. However, Kelli dies rather suddenly and the children move in to live with newly engaged Grace and Victor.

How the mature-beyond-her-years, Ava, who is used to taking care of a very troubled Kelli,  and a very reluctant step Mom, Grace, struggle to build a relationship is a large part of this story. Both of them, separately, try to piece together parts of Kelli’s past that would help them to find the reason for her troubled life and make peace with her death.

The story is narrated in first person in parts by Grace and Ava and a narration of Kelli’s side of the story is told in the third person. This makes it a little hard to read at times.

However, overall the story is quite gripping with the author capturing the emotions of a bereft teenage girl rather well. Also, the tension between Victor and Grace and her struggle to stay committed to the relationship through this unexpected tragedy are very real.

I would recommend this to readers of contemporary romance/ chicklit.

An Advanced Reader’s Copy  this book was received by me for review from Net Galley.

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The One That Got Away

the one that got away



Title: The One That Got Away
Author:Kelly Hunter
Publisher: Harlequin KISS
Publishing date: Jan 22 2013
ISBN: 9780373207008


Set largely in Australia, this second chance at love contemporary romance made a great read.

Evie (Evangelina) and Max are business partners. Max needs to access his 50 million dollar trust fund, to enable their business to make a bid on the project. If he marries Evie, he can do so without having to wait. They agree to a marriage of convenience. Max takes Evie to meet his mother. Max’s half-brother Logan comes visiting too.

Logan had seen the picture of Evie, Max sent their mother. He feels that she might be the Angie he had had spent a passionate week with over a decade ago. He comes to check out his suspicions.

Evie and Logan meet. The passion is rekindled. But Logan’s ghosts come back to haunt him. Evie has to prove to him that she’s not really the meek Angie he knew – she has morphed into independent Evie. Logan has to lay his own demons to rest. How will they work out their relationship? The emotions and the passion run deep.

I loved the characterization and emotion in this story. Kelly Hunter has done a great job with creating not just the main characters but the supporting ‘cast’ too.

I enjoyed this reading a review copy of this book via NetGalley.

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