A Morning Ritual

She sits quietly by the window Taking in the morning air. Enjoying the sounds of the birds. Her coffee cools As she recalls all she dreamed the night before. Then she starts to write Without thought or censor Writing of her dreams, her prayers, Her memories and her pain, Her love, her gratitude And everything […]

True Vines

Title: True Vines Author: Diana Strinati Baur ISBN13: 9780982102343 Publisher: Gemelli Press LLC Genre: Women’s Fiction     When her Italian winemaker husband dies suddenly, Meryl Michelli  leaves her husband’s home in Italy and moves back to her hometown in   Pennsylvania. She hopes this move will close the door on the heartache and she can move […]

Various Love Stories

I have a huge backlog of books to review. I’ve read most of them immediately but haven’t posted reviews. I’m doing three together today. Title: True Love Author: Jude Deveraux Publisher: Random House Publishing Group – Ballantine ISBN13: 9780345541796 Genre: Romance, Women’s Fiction Series: Nantucket Bride’s Trilogy #1 I’ve always wanted to read a Jude […]

Three Little Words

He didn’t mind the dreadful stench that came from the gutter opposite the restaurant. He didn’t mind waiting to be served. He normally didn’t make such hasty decisions about where to eat, but the sign had drawn him in. He couldn’t resist. He attempted to play a game on his phone, but his eyes kept wandering […]