Opposites Attract?

She was in love with him. He showed no emotion. Today…. “Can I take you for dinner?” “Sure.” “Pick you up at 7 ?” “Where are we going?” “A surprise. Dress casually.” They stop at a house. “Who lives here?” “My parents. I want them to meet my future wife.” She was grateful she had […]

The Shadow Of Your Smile

  My dearest love I stood on the platform waving to you until your train was a speck in the horizon. I was so sad at your leaving but proud of your decision. I was filled with hope too. I have asked the doctor to give you this when you come back. Those long years […]

The Smallest Things

  “I’m feeling funny,” she said. “Funny? What do you mean?” he asked. “Like I’m going to be sick,” she said. And before she could go on further, she puked all over him. He didn’t blink, but went to get her a glass of water and a wet towel to clean up. Only then did […]

Pablo’s Prayer

  I am reading too many stories of people abandoning their pets. That’s a horrible thing to do. If you can’t take care of them, please put them up for adoption. There are plenty of agencies and kind-hearted people around who will take over their care. This is my prayer and prayer of all of […]