Sugar and Spice and All Those Lies

Book Details:

Book Title: Sugar and Spice and All Those Lies by Evy Journey

Category: Adult Fiction, 240 pages

Genre: Literary / Women’s Fiction

Publisher: Sojourner Books

Release date: December 2017

Tour dates: Feb 1 to 16, 2018

Content Rating: R (Two bedroom scenes)

Book Description:

Cooking a wonderful meal is an act of love. An act of grace. A gift that affirms and gives life—not only does it nurture those who partake of a meal; it also feeds the soul of the person who creates it. These are lessons Gina learns from her mother.

Gina is a young woman born to poor parents; a nobody (her words) who wants to taste life outside the world she was born into and her passion for cooking is all she has to help her do so. She gets lucky when she’s chosen to cook at a Michelin-starred restaurant in the San Francisco Bay Area where she finds a world of a privileged class with money to spare for dinners that cost hundreds of dollars. A world of new friends and new challenges—one that exposes her to fascinating people who’re also gripped by dark motives.

Amidst her culinary adventures, she becomes good friends with pastry chef Marcia, and falls in love, in different ways, with, two very different men: Leon, a rich regular client who has been dating Cristi, her friend from childhood, and Brent, a brooding homicide detective. This other world, it turns out, is also one of unexpected danger that eventually threatens her life.

Can the lessons she learned from her mother about cooking and life help Gina survive and thrive in this other world of privilege, pleasure and unexpected danger?

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About the Author:

Evy Journey, writer, wannabe artist, and flâneuse (feminine of flâneur), wishes she lives in Paris where people have perfected the art of aimless roaming. Armed with a Ph.D., she used to research and help develop mental health programs.

She’s a writer because beautiful prose seduces her and existential angst continues to plague her despite such preoccupations having gone out of fashion. She takes occasional refuge by invoking the spirit of Jane Austen to spin tales of love, loss, and finding one’s way—stories into which she weaves mystery or intrigue.

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Seeking a Familiar Face

Book Details:

Book Title: Seeking a Familiar Face: The Transformational Journey of Connecting with God by May Patterson

Category: Adult nonfiction, 175 pages

Genre: Christian Living

Publisher: Exploration Press

Release date: September 2017

Tour dates: Dec 11 to 29, 2017

Content Rating: G

Book Description:

The greatest adventure of your life awaits. And it will change everything.

Ever feel disappointed? Like your life isn’t as fulfilling as you had always dreamed it would be? Are you laden down with responsibilities, feeling overwhelmed and empty, or maybe even a bit caged?

You’re not alone.

Many people in the Bible felt the same way. Most had difficulties. Some felt stuck. Others were depressed, afraid and uncertain. And some just wanted to get closer to God. So they set out on life’s adventure —seeking God—and encountered the One who fulfilled their longings and changed their lives forever.

The same can happen for you.

Seeking a Familiar Face guides you on the transforming journey of connecting with God, through simple, yet extraordinary ways. It doesn’t matter if you are already seeking Him or just getting started, this book will encourage you to go a little farther toward locking hearts with God.

In this book you will discover engaging narratives from ten biblical characters, along with stories, humor, and practical ideas for seeking God. There are thought-provoking questions at the end of each chapter to discuss with a friend or a group. Most of all, “Seeking a Familiar Face” will offer you fresh hope for deepening your intimacy with God.

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Meet the Author:

May Patterson has been writing and teaching bible study classes for several years. Her new book, “Seeking a Familiar Face,” was birthed from a Bible study she wrote in 2014 called “A Time to Seek.” She was trained in small group dynamics for over ten years at Bible Study Fellowship, serving as a leader for four years. She has written for several magazines including Focus on the Family, Upper Room Magazine and Shattered Magazine, among others. She is married to her dear friend, Mike, and they have three grown children. She loves to tell stories, laugh, and talk about the adventure of seeking God.

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Many Sparrows

Either she and her children would emerge from that wilderness together, or none of them would. . . .

In 1774, the Ohio-Kentucky frontier pulses with rising tension and brutal conflicts as Colonists push westward and encroach upon Native American territories. The young Inglesby family is making the perilous journey west when an accident sends Philip back to Redstone Fort for help, forcing him to leave his pregnant wife Clare and their four-year old son Jacob on a remote mountain trail.

When Philip does not return and Jacob disappears from the wagon under the cover of darkness, Clare awakens the next morning to find herself utterly alone, in labor and wondering how she can to recover her son . . . especially when her second child is moments away from being born.

Clare will face the greatest fight of her life, as she struggles to reclaim her son from the Shawnee Indians now holding him captive. But with the battle lines sharply drawn, Jacob’s life might not be the only one at stake. When frontiersman Jeremiah Ring comes to her aid, can the stranger convince Clare that recovering her son will require the very thing her anguished heart is unwilling to do-be still, wait and let God fight this battle for them?

Learn more and purchase a copy.

lori benton
Lori Benton was raised east of the Appalachian Mountains, surrounded by early American history going back three hundred years. Her novels transport readers to the eighteenth century, where she brings to life the Colonial and early Federal periods of American history. When she isn’t writing, reading, or researching, Lori enjoys exploring and photographing the Oregon wilderness with her husband. She is the author of “Burning Sky,” recipient of three Christy Awards, “The Pursuit of Tamsen Littlejohn,” Christy-nominee “The Wood’s Edge,” and “A Flight of Arrows.”
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My review : 4.5/5

My first book by Lori Benton and I’ll certainly be coming back for more.

Reading how a strong and determined Clare clings on to her faith and allows her trails to lead her closer to God fills is inspiring. Jeremiah, putting aside his own heart ache, reaches out to her and becomes a pillar of support. In this, he too shows how faith can make you move out of yourself.

I loved the descriptions of the settings, the characters and the brilliant story which brings home the importance of hope and faith.

“Don’t go judging the Almighty by (our) own understanding. We’re rarely given eyes to see the whole of what He’s doing in our lives . . . . . That’s why we are called to walk by faith, not by sight”.

The book left me enthralled and inspired.

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Disclosure : I received a complimentary Advance Reader Copy from the Litfuse review program on NetGalley on behalf of the publisher. I was not compensated nor required to render a positive review. Opinions are my own and freely given.

A Year in the Company of Freaks

Book Details:

Book Title: A Year in the Company of Freaks by Teresa Neumann

Category: Adult Fiction, 515 pages

Genre: Historical Fiction

Publisher: All’s Well House

Release date: Dec 21, 2015

Tour dates: Sept 11 to 29, 2017

Content Rating: PG + M (Little violence and profanity, no f-words, no sex, but some drug use)

Book Description:

It’s 1972 and a seismic clash-of-cultures is rattling northern California. In the redneck town of Trinity Springs, rumors of hippies migrating up from San Francisco have residents bracing for an invasion. When Italian-American hometown boy and Berkeley graduate Sid Jackson is busted for growing pot on his deceased parents’ farm, locals suspect the assault has begun. Will a crazy deferral program devised by the sheriff keep Sid out of prison? Or will a house full of eccentric strangers, a passionate love interest, and demons from his past be his undoing?

A “disarmingly appealing” tale of discrimination, transformation and restoration, Freaks is bursting with intrigue, drama, comic relief and romance. Reviewers agree this five-star, coming-of-age classic “very much reflects the attitude and mood of the times.”

Praise for A Year in the Company of Freaks:

“This coming of age story will draw the reader right in. Teresa Neumann demonstrates how much she values relationships in her writing … a precious skill. I held my breath all the way through to the final few pages. Five stars!” — The San Francisco Book Review

“As it relates to the complicated clash of culture and counterculture, Freaks acts as an authentic, strongly Seventies book. Northern California works as a strong presence in the novel that is vivid and omnipresent, but never overwhelming. Sure to intrigue and entertain, Freaks will have its digs in you before you realize how involved you’ve become.” — The Manhattan Book Review

To read more reviews, please visit Teresa Neumann’s page in iRead Book Tours.

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About the Author:

Author of highly-acclaimed “A Year in the Company of Freaks,” Teresa was raised in a large Midwest family and now lives in Oregon. She is also the author of “Bianca’s Vineyard,” and its sequel, “Domenico’s Table.” Both books are based on the true stories of her husband’s Italian family in Tuscany. In addition to enjoying family, writing, reading, meeting her readers, wine tasting, traveling, and all things Italian, Teresa loves playing the fiddle with other musicians.

Today I’m happy to interview Teresa.

Your main character, Sid Jackson, is uniquely different from the other characters in your book. He’s both shy and outspoken. Proud and insecure. Retiring and ambitious. Rebellious and compliant. Was there a reason you created him to be this way?

Sid is definitely a study in contrasts: something I’ve been accused of being myself! In no way did I create him to be a male reflection of me; rather I was able to craft his character more easily because I’m familiar with that type of personality. Part of Sid’s uniqueness is also, in part, a result of his mixed heritage. His Anglo-ness offsets his Italian-ness and vice-versa.

The attraction – and repulsion — of opposites is a theme throughout A Year in the Company of Freaks. Is there a lesson to be learned for readers?

If there’s a lesson to be learned, it’s one that each reader would have to find and apply to themselves and their own circumstances. The fact is, everything in life – the universe, relationships, our souls — reflects the incredible “push-and-pull” power of opposites. The poor wish they were rich. The weak are attracted to the strong. The unloved want to be loved. In Sid’s case, being orphaned when he was young, and the way he was orphaned, made him desperately want to be part of a family, but also desperately afraid of loss if he allowed himself to be vulnerable to love. Being forced to live for a year with virtual strangers, most of them entirely different from himself, allowed him to view his fears, dreams and life possibilities with a new perspective. We all learn and are influenced by others, sometimes even by people who are our polar opposites.

There’s one fairly central character in Freaks — a female — who is especially dysfunctional. Without giving the story away, is she patterned after someone you know who experienced the things she did?

If I’m honest, most of my characters are patterned a little – or a lot – on people I’m familiar with, but mostly they’re composites. The character I’m sure you’re referring to represents many different people I’ve known who made choices that either ruined them or saved them. In my book, as in real life, it’s nerve-racking having to helplessly watch someone make a train wreck of their lives. Even so, although no one can change another person, I’m a believer that it’s never too late to change.

It’s intriguing that some significant characters in your book are much older than most of the main characters who are younger. How important is that concept to you as an author?

Very important. All three of my books have both older and younger main characters. My mother-in-law once told me that she and her husband were considering moving to a seniors-only residential community in Arizona. They decided against it. When I asked her why, she said they realized that without children or young adults integrated around them, it just felt “sterile.” She hit the nail on the head with that observation. I believe that the more diverse the characters in a book are – in terms of age, at least – the more balanced, full-bodied and realistic the story will be.

Lastly, is there anything about the era of Freaks – that is, the early 1970’s – that you’re glad you experienced in your own life?

Honestly, not a whole lot. I lived so thoughtlessly and dangerously for much of the 1970’s, it’s a miracle I lived through it. For example, for the 2 years I lived in northern California during that time period I didn’t have a car, so I hitchhiked everywhere I went. Day and night. By myself. So stupid, I know. I can’t even imagine if that was my daughter doing that! I was also caught up in some very confusing relationships and struggled because I was really, at heart – like Sid — a product of the 1950’s and wanted the stability in life that was so elusive to me by my own choice. But, it wasn’t a total washout. The music was GREAT! And I still have some precious friendships that endured from that time. It was definitely a mixed bag.

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