Reliable Recipes Online

Reliable Recipes Online

5464689442_1949170fa2_mI really started cooking only a few years ago. I’m not crazy about it – but I do like to try new recipeshealthy, easy and most of all reliable ones.  While José has a healthy collection of recipe books – my resources are more the online variety. I have a new dish somewhere   – I decide I want to make it – I Google it – I find a recipe that sounds simple and it gets made. If it works well, the site is bookmarked for future use.  Why collect books and cuttings when you have such fantastic food blogs out there?

Here are a few of my go-to recipe blogs for healthy, everyday food that I thought I’d share with you today:

Sangeeta Khanna’s: Healthfood Desivideshi

I find Sangeeta’s recipes and food pictures irresistible.  Here’s a food blogger who knows her stuff and is so willing to share too.  Sangeeta gladly shared some of her recipes on Everyday Gyaan a couple of years ago and they were great. Sample a dinner she shared here. If you want a workable and personalized diet plan for yourself, do contact her here.


Healthfood desivideshi

I love Andhra food and Mahanandi is my absolutely favorite site for the various pachadis (chutneys) and podis (powders) that are an integral part of that cuisine.

Sia’s Monsoon Spice has some fantastic vegetarian recipes accompanied by her excellent photographs. Her site has a great indexing too.



José finds many recipes he wants to try out on The Guardian. Find link here.

What are your sources for reliable recipes?

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