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It is March 1863 and America is locked in a bloody war between the states. This action- packed adventure story takes place during the Vicksburg campaign of the Civil War. In a surprise night attack, a daring band of Confederate raiders capture a Union steamship carrying a secret cargo, and disappear into the watery Mississippi Delta country. Union ironclad gunboats and troops pursue the Rebels in a deadly game of hide-and-seek deep inside Confederate territory where the hunters risk becoming the hunted. The Yanks must constantly improvise and adapt in a hostile and rugged land as they chase the elusive Rebels. Tension climbs as the Yankees rush to block a Confederate espionage coup that threatens to upset the entire Union war strategy. Phantom of the Mississippi River is a historical fiction novel for adult and young adult readers.

My views: Phantom of The Mississippi River

Despite the Union and Confederate armies being engaged in a bloody conflict, both sides display gentlemanly conduct when dealing with civilians and captured foes. Like Dr. Kinkaid, of the Union Army; he disobeys orders to evacuate a cotton plantation owned by Confederate as he believes it is his duty to stay and attend to the lady of the house who is going through a difficult childbirth.Or Captain Garber, the rebel who commands the captured steamship, Poker Chip, in his treatment of a company of captured Union troop commanded by Major Sinclair.

Having the advantage of knowing the Mississippi river, Garber and his pilot, Chipper play hide and seek with the Union gunboats and troops assigned  to recapture the steamship. A very enjoyable and absorbing book with many twists and turns (pun intended), set against the backdrop of the American Civil War.



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