On Top Of The World

On top of the world
What does that even mean?
A time when I’m happy
Or feel like a queen?

When things come together
And life is a breeze
No problems, no worries
And a sense of ease.

On top of the world
Now isn’t that swell?
Is that a time
When all is well?

Life doesn’t seem
To go quite that way.
We all have our problems
And debts to pay.

On top of the world
Is as I see,
A choice we make
To live quite free
Of worry and fear
To know that we’re here
In this time and place
And will get by
With strength and grace
Of which there is
From the One on High
Abundant supply.

On top of the world
I choose to be today
On top of the world
Is where I’ll stay.

you are exactly where you are supposed to be

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This weeks prompt choices are: Time and Happy


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17 Replies to “On Top Of The World”

  1. Beautiful Corinne! I’m so glad you’re back on #1Word today. You were missed. I love your poem – love the thought! We don’t need to wait to feel on top of the world – we can feel that way right now and your excellent poem describes how. Perfect! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Corinne, this is a beautiful poem! This is my favorite line: “Life doesnโ€™t seem / To go quite that way. / We all have our problems / And debts to pay.” So, so true. So glad you joined Shelly and I for #WODW! Hope you have a happy Friday.

  3. What a beautiful poem! This would be great to read every morning as a sort of meditation/affirmation ๐Ÿ™‚

    I especially loved all of the fifth stanza. ALL. OF. IT!

    Thanks for linking up for #WODW! You know, I left comment on all of the other posts using my WordPress account, and they never showed up. My fingers are crossed that it works better with my Twitter acct.

    -Shelly ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Aww, you’re too sweet, Vashelle. Thank you. I enjoy linking up with #WODW whenever I can. I’m sorry about the missing comments. I’ve installed Disqus now and hope it works better for you.

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