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Meeting Miss Mollie – Di Jones

She’s the Agony Aunt who has it all. Except for one small problem – her life is a disaster.

Annabelle is a hard nosed writer with a good marriage, a nice flat, a thriving career at Adorn magazine and a busy social life. She has only one ambition – to be the best known Agony Aunt in the UK.

When her world is turned upside down by her husband’s infidelity she strikes out on her own and goes flatting with a jet setting businessman. But things in her new house aren’t quite what they seem and her problems mount.

Through her ups and downs, Annabelle forges a relationship with the strangest of friends and discovers the best things in life are those she always avoided.

My views: Meeting Miss Mollie has great characterization, humour, wit and such wisdom from Molly – all ingredients of a delightful book. I had to read it straight through! I’m now on the look out for more of Di Jones’ writing!

Do read this delightful post written by  Mollie!


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  1. I like your reviews, when I manage to catch them admist all the other items you tweet.

  2. This sounds like a good read, Corinne. I am especially intrigued by the part about discovering the best things in life…makes me want to ponder upon some things in my life 🙂

  3. This one looks like my type of book.. witty humor!! Let’s see if I can buy it without getting scoldings from my mom

  4. Apart from your recommendation and the fact that the book contains humour, wit and wisdom, I’m tempted to read it to know how Annabelle “discovers the best things in life are those she always avoided.”

  5. Four stars! Wow, Corinne, knowing how you rate, I am guessing this one’s a definite read! Keen to know Annabelle’s tale 🙂

  6. I enjoy your reviews and have found you seem to like the things that I personally like about books…so I think you to be a pretty good judge of them. If you like them, I think I probably would like them too. Another great review! ♥

  7. Hi Corinne
    Interesting review and seems to be a smart read. You made it something worthwhile to read.

  8. This book definitely sounds like it is my cup o’ tea. It also sounds like there is a bit of mystery to it?

    Carol @ Battered Hope

  9. When I saw the title, I had a feeling that she ‘s a school teacher 😀 I guess she;s a teacher anyway, since she’s going to teach how to discover the best things in life 😀 Adding to my To read list !!


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