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cinnamoncookiesI was first introduced to coffee with a sprinkling of cinnamon powder  a few years ago, when we were took Corinne’s cousin out for lunch. Whilst I can’t remember the meal, what I do remember was the aromatic coffee with cinnamon powder sprinkled on it.  I was immediately hooked and given a choice, I opt for  a little ground cinnamon with my coffee.

Recently, I discovered a new way of getting my cinnamon fix; take a bite-size cinnamon cookie  and pop it into my mouth. As it melts on my tongue, releasing the cinnamon flavor, I take a sip of coffee – sheer joy as the coffee and cinnamon mix.

Now where to I get these delectable cookies from? Well, we received a bagful of goodies courtesy Icing on Top, the brand name under which Ms Ayushi Shah, a Mumbai based creator of desserts, markets her creations.

We also received chocolate chip and lemon cookies and whilst both Corinne and I rate the cinnamon cookies as the best, there was a bit of a toss up regarding the other two, since Corinne liked the lemon cookies and I preferred the chocolate chips. But you will have probably figured out which cookies we are likely to re-order. The goodie bag, also contained cake pops, a chocolate mud pie, a slice of red velvet cake, an oaty caramel crunch and shot glass desserts in three flavors, viz. chocolate, hazelnut and blueberry.

I didn’t find the cake pops  too great to taste but I guess are less messy than a pastry or cup cake, if kids are around. Just suck or bite the pop and toss away the stick.

The cake slice, a red velvet sponge layered with cream cheese frosting, looked good but had a very indefinable taste.

The oaty caramel crunch was certainly crunchy. However, to me, the filling tasted more like chocolate than caramel. Also, I do wish Ayushi would add a ‘lite’ version with less filing. If that is available, I would certainly order.
The mud pie and shot glass desserts cannot be described, only experienced. The blueberry shot glass was good, but then I am not too big a fan of blueberry preparations. However,  the chocolate and hazelnut shots were simply scrumptious. The next time we entertain, you know what the dessert will be!

We  got the bag of goodies around five days ago and the mud pie is as moist and fresh as ever. Every other night we round off dinner with a scoop of mud pie and a dollop of vanilla

Icing on Top  has an outlet at Kemps Corner,  but I understand that the brand  is primarily into home deliveries. And one important point – Ayushi and her team are purely vegetarian and hence all the preparations are egg-less.

We are looking forward to ordering some goodies from Icing On Top and trying out some other creations of theirs.  Take a look at their menu here.  They can also be found on Facebook.

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15 Replies to “Icing On Top”

  1. I looouuurrrvvveee desserts and of course baked b=good are like my favorite 🙂

    I’d like to try these too …and they are egg-less too 🙂

  2. I have tried their Red Velvet and its the best I’ve tried. And I’ve tried all around Mumbai. I would give it 15/10. All their desserts are AMAZING.

  3. Just yesterday at work we were talking about the number of people who put cinnamon in their coffee. Way back think people used it to help the flavor when they couldn’t get good coffee and used chickory. Still working my way through the various a-z linkies

    1. Sorry for the delay in responding. In India many people prefer coffee with chicory. Of course, there are others who swear by their morning cup of ‘filter capy’. However, filter coffee does not lend itself to a dose of cinnamon.

  4. Today morning I saw your post. Instead of taking my simple coffee I added cinnamon in the coffee. It was heavenly, yummy or amazing!! I have no words to describe.

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