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Title: Hitched!
Author: Jessica Hart
Publisher: Harlequin KISS

The practical and ambitious site engineer, Frith is determined to focus on her career and not let romance get in the way. The seemingly laid-back estate manager, George Challoner is equally determined to woo her. Frith’s life gets complicated by the sudden arrival of her flighty and famous model sister. She finds herself landed with the task of organizing her sister’s hen’s night party. George Challoner is charming and helpful. However, at the party, his sordid past is revealed. How Frith and George set about rescuing each other from the clutches of their respective past forms a sweet emotional story.

The story has lots of witty dialogue and that’s just my kind of romance fiction. Amusing, entertaining and emotional it’s a lovely read.

I received this book for review from NetGalley


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2 Replies to “Hitched!”

  1. This seems another gripping read. Stories of relationships always make me want to read them. Sometimes we find in them the answers we are looking for. Hope you had an engaging read, Corinne.

    Joy always,

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