Heart Like Mine

Heart Like Mine
Heart Like Mine


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Title: Heart Like Mine
Author:  Amy Hatvany
Publisher: Simon & Schuster

A poignant story of love, loss and attempting to deal with the demands of family life, Heart Like Mine,  essentially reflects the story of two women and a soon to be woman – Grace, Kelli and Ava.

Grace, a career woman, had decided long ago that she didn’t want children. However, she is willing to compromise when she meets Victor Hansen, who is everything she wants and a divorced father of two children – a teenager, Ava and a young son, Max.  The children live with their mother, Kelli and Grace feels no pressure to take care of them. However, Kelli dies rather suddenly and the children move in to live with newly engaged Grace and Victor.

How the mature-beyond-her-years, Ava, who is used to taking care of a very troubled Kelli,  and a very reluctant step Mom, Grace, struggle to build a relationship is a large part of this story. Both of them, separately, try to piece together parts of Kelli’s past that would help them to find the reason for her troubled life and make peace with her death.

The story is narrated in first person in parts by Grace and Ava and a narration of Kelli’s side of the story is told in the third person. This makes it a little hard to read at times.

However, overall the story is quite gripping with the author capturing the emotions of a bereft teenage girl rather well. Also, the tension between Victor and Grace and her struggle to stay committed to the relationship through this unexpected tragedy are very real.

I would recommend this to readers of contemporary romance/ chicklit.

An Advanced Reader’s Copy  this book was received by me for review from Net Galley.

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