Maintaining Wellness: Healthy Food for a Healthy You Bingo

We love our food – but we’re always conscious of eating healthy. Consequently, we’re always looking out for ideas to eat healthy. I’ve come across a lot of interesting stuff in the recent past and decided to share it with you.

Healthy eating is one of the top resolutions this year, and this time around people vow to follow through – with all the diet-related diseases that cause distress on everyone, maintaining overall wellness has been a priority. Recent reports by CNN reveal that a healthy diet is not just a fad for most families; in fact, studies show that more people are improving their dieting habits. Findings by the US Department of Agriculture state that Americans are consuming fewer calories, and care more about the foods they buy.

I was pleasantly surprised to come across something called Healthy Food For A Healthy You Bingo.

Interested? Read on.

Healthy Food For A Healthy You Bingo

Though we’re geared towards food consciousness for a healthier lifestyle, we have to admit that picking healthy options will be a tad difficult, especially if we’re used to rich and saucy meals. To help us with this, USDA’s is encouraging citizens worldwide to participate in a game of “Healthy Food for a Healthy You” Bingo. Through this method, we will be motivated to opt for healthier alternatives — the bingo card has categories and measured food items instead of random numbers. We can keep track of our diet by marking off those which we’ve already eaten for the week, then reward ourselves with a prize if we’ve completely marked the card. The prize may not be as elaborate as Cheekybingo’s Wimbledon tickets or Disneyland trip for VIP winners — it may be as simple as a full-body massage or a new paperback, just to keep us motivated.

What does the “Healthy Food for a Healthy You” Bingo card look like? Health Edco created one, and grouped the food as follows:


· Choose Whole Grains – cooked oatmeal, mini bagel, cold cereal, corn tortilla, slice of bread

· Vary Your Vegetables – baby carrots, baked potato, black-eyed peas, broccoli, green beans

· Focus on Fruits – applesauce, banana, canned peaches, diced cantaloupe, fruit cocktail

· Get Calcium-rich Dairy – American cheese, cheddar cheese, string cheese, low-fat pudding, cottage cheese

· Go Lean with Protein – almonds, pinto beans, ground beef patty, hard-boiled egg, lean ham

Not only will these food items make us healthy, they will also provide a variety to the usual sources in each food group. Through this bingo game, eating healthier may prove to be a fun endeavor.

Making food fun – and staying healthy – what a great combination, don’t you think?


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