Frangipani Love

I think I first fell in love with this flower when I was a little girl and loved to string these pretty flowers strewn all over our lawn. Temple flowers we called them. They were white with yellow centres. Pretty, with a pleasing fragrance and so easily available.


Somewhere down the line, I associated these flowers with simplicity, a value I sought to have in my own life.

When we had our simple wedding, a hundred guests, a very small number by Indian standards, we had these flowers placed on each table, floating in water in small glass bowls. Again we paid nothing for the flowers – they were so abundantly available for free.

It was only later that I learnt its name – plumeria or frangipani.

For the last few years, the flower has adorned the header of my other blog, Everyday Gyaan, simply because I found it so pretty. Later I learnt there was a symbolism behind the  five petals of the flower. Supposedly, they represent five qualities of necessary for psychological perfection: sincerity, faith, aspiration, devotion and surrender.*  A perfect fit for what I try to write about.


When our eyes are opened to something, it seems that we find that thing all around us. So now, I see frangipani and I can’t resist snapping a picture of the flower. I realized too that they come in a variety of colours and the petal shapes differ slightly.

Today I’m sharing my frangipani love with you. Enjoy!

What’s your favourite flower? And why?


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*(via White Lotus Aromatics)

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25 Replies to “Frangipani Love”

  1. And frangipani is a restaurant in Mumbai .The flower has a mild fragrance and I too love it. My favourite flower is the rose of all colours but red roses promote me to be adventurous.

  2. Lovely. Its been ages since I saw this flower, and we used to see it a lot during my childhood days. Made me nostalgic. I did not know there were so many variations

  3. Lovely looking flower…I did not know the name of this flower. I do love the logo on Everyday Gyan 🙂

    I dunno what these ones are called but we used to have them in Dalhousie and they are found in the hilly areas after, they are bunch of white bluish colored petals bunched together like a cauliflower…very pretty and smell so nice…and I remember my mom putting up Narcissus as a decor for the house during Diwali season, our house help used to get them from his village…I can’t get the fragrance out of my senses even now….

    I have observed those white delicate Narcissus so many times after that but I smell the ones mom used to keep in a glass vase on the center table…..even now

  4. Corinne a big thank you for letting me know the name of the flower that I really like. I have never thought of plucking them and decorating, but I now have options…
    Thank you so much for today’s blog.

  5. And for Me Corinne this flower has always defined you for that is first time I saw it so closely… on your blog and read the meaning behind it…. and fell in love with it, you and your blog <3

  6. Gorgeous flowers! So beautiful, it’s hard to choose a favorite. However, I do love the story behind the five-petal Frangipani; it does describe the essence of you and your blogs perfectly, Corinne!
    Love and blessings!

  7. My naani had planted these. When I was a kid, I made garlands of it too. I did not love its fragrance though. I also have so many memories attached to this flower, but it’s for the first time I came to know its name. 😛 Frangipani.

  8. Lovely pictures of a beautiful flower. I did not know the name, even though I had a huge planter within which the plant grew – only to break the boundaries and be shifted to solid earth. 🙂

  9. We had the tree of this flower at our neighbour’s garden and we used to pluck/pick them for puja. Brought some memories back. And it is so nice to note that your blog symbolizes this flower perfectly 🙂

  10. Not only was it very pretty it was also very informative. I didn’t know the significance of five petals and now I know. Keep clicking more of your loves and sharing it with us in here.(expecting Jose’s pictures now 😀 😀 )

  11. Lovely pics and this flower has bought back some fonf memories. I remember my Dad I used them for her puja and me and sis would diligently go and collect them for her. Didn’t know the meaning of five petals…so enlightening! And yes, when our eyes are open to something/ or seeking something with heart, we tend to find it all around us”

  12. Brought back memories of Mumbai. We had a “champa” plant right outside our building and as we were on the 1st floor it reached just outside my verandah. Enjoyed reading about the significance of the flower. Nice post.

  13. I absolutely love this flower , its delicate fragrance and its utter simplicity . Never knew the fact that it is called the temple flower …but perhaps its quiet presence is most suited to the altar or the temple. These flowers might have really made your wedding a very special one Corrine 🙂 Loved the post BTW 🙂

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