Flaming Forests

We’ve talked about our trip to Thekkady and Gavi, in Kerala, South India,  before. I was just going through the pictures that my brother, John Campos,  had taken on that trip. I saw a common thread that went unnoticed earlier. I’m not sure whether it was just a coincidence,  but it seemed that most of the flowers that were abloom in the forest during our visit were a shade of red. The forests were truly aflame with beauty!





I hope we succeeded in brightening up your day!


Today we’re on F of the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge.


24 Replies to “Flaming Forests”

  1. Corinne, you captured some beautiful pictures! I’m sure the colors were more amazing in person! I am curious about the temperature was it cool or warm?

  2. Such gorgeous shots Corinne. It is amazing how nature can bring such a huge smile on your face with her splash of colours. Great one. And yup Thekkady was a wonderful trip we had 4 years back. Time to revisit, me thinks.

  3. Oh, you did. In a beautiful way, thanks to you and your brother.

    I live in a place called Gulmohar Park, the roads of the colony are lined with Gulmohars on either sides and it is such a pretty side in the summer

  4. I’ve noticed often that flowers tend to bloom in a certain color group. Even if I hadn’t had a calendar, I would have known what month it was by the flowers in bloom. And those you pictured are truly in flame. We had bursts of yellow in Mistretta, but never red or orange, my favorites. 😀

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