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Drinkwater: A Sobering Tale About A Medieval Knight by Otto Scamfer

This epic adventure begins in England in the twelfth century. It covers several traumatic months in the life of Winston Tabor, a young nobleman, who is well known in his village for being an irresponsible drunkard. When his father is murdered and he is framed for the crime, Winston’s world is turned upside down. His life becomes a whirlwind of action and adventure as he seeks to prove his innocence and avenge the murder of his father. To fulfill his goal, he duels with swordsmen, battles on horseback, and earns the honor of knighthood. At the same time he must find a way to come to grips with his unrelenting desire for ale, which has controlled him for most of his life. Last of all, he is compelled to prove to a beautiful young peasant girl, who comes to own his heart, that he is worthy of her love. Will he succeed in his quest, or will he die with his last breath reeking of ale? (via Goodreads)

My Take:

Being a fan of medieval history, I started this book in the hope that I would enhance my knowledge of the subject. However, after reading the book, the only thing that I added to my knowledge of medieval history was that ‘drinkwater’ was the word used to describe a teetotaler or someone on the wagon.  Otherwise, it was quite a run of the mill adventure story, set in the twelfth century.  Could well have been set in any other century. Good and entertaining reading, when bored.


We’re taking part in the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge. Corinne is also doing the challenge on Everyday Gyaan.

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  1. WHat a interesting name, reminds me that am thirsty since two hours now, but I won’t leave my laptop and grab a glass of water. All these amazing bloggers, like you, are keeping me hooked to your blogs 🙂

  2. Medieval History, hmm…. that’s something I’ve yet tried, so this must prompt me to try it out 🙂 The name itself sounds fascinatingly simple 🙂 Will grab it some time 🙂

  3. That’s interesting. I like how book blurbs are always far more attractive than the actual book. Only very few books live up to their descriptions.

    Thanks for the heads upon this one!

    1. I agree with you that very few books live up the descriptions in the blurbs. But at least, thanks to Amazon, lots of books are available for free or a low prices, so you do not feel too cheated.

  4. Nowadays, a book *really* has to grab my interest before I will turn the page. Not a lot of them do that anymore. Possibly it has to do with critiquing books and editing. I don’t know. But it is hard for me to find a book that makes me want more.

    1. I agree that its quite hard to find books that hold your attention. Guess it has something to do with the ease with which some can self publish as also the lack of editing/critiquing by the publisher.

  5. Hi Jose,
    Its really nice to be here via Corinne Rodrigues page,
    Nice to know that she is your B/H I visited some of
    her pages and commended but sad to not that there
    was not even a single return response so I stopped LOL
    Anyways let me try at your place, I am sure you do 🙂
    nice to note that you are participating this year A to Z
    Have a nice journey at Arlee’s A to Z
    Have a Happy Weekend
    Hey by the by Are you a MALLU? the name resembles!! 🙂
    I am a Mallu settled at Secunderabad 🙂
    Keep informed
    Philip Ariel

    1. Mr Ariel – This blog is shared by both of us. I’m not sure what you mean about me not responding – was it to your comments? In that case, I apologize.
      Also, I’m wondering what you meant by B/H?
      You will notice the accent at the end of José’s (pronounced joo-zay) name. We are not Keralites. 🙂

      1. Hi Corinne and Jose
        I am sorry for the big confusion here, I am so glad that you responded to this comment, I mean comments only, thats ok. no worries!! 🙂
        B/H i mean Better Half only. LOL 🙂
        Keep Going
        Good Wishes for a Happy New Week!!
        ~ Philip

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