A reflection on the story of Cinderella.

Glass slippers


She knew that the sisters were mean,
The mother evil.
And Evil has a way of ensnaring others.
She was almost sorry for the sisters.
But they had made their choice.

Glass slippers?
Wooden Shoes?
What did she care.
She had the heart of the Prince
And the respect of the Kingdom
And that’s all that mattered.

The mother and sisters
Might rant and rave
Talk in whispers
And spew venom.
To no avail.

The slippers didn’t fit them
They never would.
Glass slippers are
For Princesses made
Not for evil witches.



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13 Replies to “Cinderella?”

  1. This is almost like retelling a story with a bit of rhyme and logic. Of course it had to not fit them because glass slippers also show your true skin and their true character could be revealed (my touch of insight to it 🙂 )

  2. Glass is pretty and transparent too. So it was pretty obvious it wouldn’t fit the evil sisters 🙂
    I like to believe that no matter what hardships we go through in life, as long as we are true to ourselves and others, good will come to us, all in good time. We have a saying, that if the lines on your head say that its yours, it will come to you no matter how late. 🙂

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