I first came across Vaisakh Venugopal when I read his entry for a contest in June 2013. Soon after I read this post of his. I was taken up with his creative style and language. When I got to know him better and read more of his work, I was even more impressed. Quiet and […]

Connecting Online

  “Meet me tomorrow?” Leanne had to read this line twice before she comprehended what he had typed. She had been chatting with Mr-I-Won’t-Give-Up for two weeks now, but was surprised that he wanted to meet face to face. She had felt an instant connection with him. Their conversation was crazy, fun and harmless. Just […]

Sentenced For Life

Sentenced For Life is one the longest short stories I’ve written! 😉 I would love your feedback. Taking a sip of her first cup of coffee that morning, Sameera allowed her mind to wander down memory lane. And wander it did, taking her right back to a cold winter’s morning twenty five years ago. Twenty […]

The End

  How she laughed looking at that picture! How silly he looked in that white suit with a big yellow bow tie! If anything, the picture went to prove how mismatched they had been. She would never have condescended to stand next to him, if he wore such an outfit! To think that she had […]