Noteworthy Blogs: Dukeo

I’m embarking on something a little different and if it works out, I’ll make this a regular feature.  In a chat with my newly discovered almost-twin,  Cairn Rodrigues,  she suggested that since I read so many blogs, reviewing them might be a good idea.

Introducing Noteworthy Blogs.

Today I begin with a blog called Dukeo that I’ve been following and reading for the past year or so. Run by Stephane (Ste) Kerwer, the site is in his words: is a blog about Making Money Online, Affiliate Marketing, Mindset for Success, SEO Techniques and many more.

Blogging for 6 years now, with Everyday Gyaan and now here too, I’ve learned not to shy away from being as professional as possible with my blogs while keeping them personal. I’m prepared to invest in making my blogs successful. A large part of that investment is in the form of time spent reading good material on professional blogging. So when I came across, Dukeo, I quickly added it to my list of noteworthy informational blogs. Let give you three reasons why:

1. Dukeo tells you how to start a blog in easy-to-follow steps.

2. When you sign up for email updates you get free access to three super resources:
SEO For Blogs: The Ultimate Guide
How To Get Traffic from Pinterest
How To Make Money Online

3. Dukeo’s blog updates are most useful reads. Some samples:
Traffic generation: What is the Biggest Source of Traffic to Your Blog?
Blogging: How To Build Community On Your Blog
Blog Writing: Top 10 Misspelled Words in Blogs.

I’m not sure how many of us are willing to hold a contest to ask readers to review our blog. It seems like Ste is completely comfortable with the idea. Dukeo is not shy.  Right now, there’s a contest on to review the blog! That’s also another reason why I’m writing about it!  Read details here.



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