Reflections On Blogging from A-Z April Challenge 2013

Te atreves...

Last year, I (Corinne) saw a few people signing up for the Blogging from A-Z April Challenge, admired them for their energy and creativity, but was certain I would never be able to do it. This year, I read about the challenge coming up and shared about it in a group of Indian Women Bloggers on Facebook called Indiblogeshwaris.  Two ladies, Ruchira Shukla and Sridevi Datta said they’d sign up for it only if I did so too!

That’s when an idea struck me – no, make that two ideas.  The first was to use the Challenge as an opportunity to get From 7Eight on the road.  The second, to get together a group of us who were taking part in the challenge.  And thus was born a Facebook Group called A2Zeders.  We motivated more people to join and soon there were about 25 of us.  A few more people were added as the Challenge progressed.   We were lucky to have Damyanti Biswas join us and clarify things when we were confused.

It was a hectic month – we brainstormed individually, we asked each other for ideas, we wrote, we shared our links in the group, commented on each other’s posts and shared them on Facebook/Twitter.  A few members of the group went on vacation, but not before they had scheduled their posts. So the others made sure to share the absent members’ links. Anyone who threatened to drop out was encouraged stay the course. We had people writing prose, poetry, one even wrote an entire story, and photographers of course.  A real feast of creativity.

And you know what? The 26 letters of the alphabet suddenly didn’t seem enough.  Not because we wanted to keep writing at a hectic pace. No. But because, we had grown to enjoy the camaraderie, the teasing, the sharing, the looking out for each other. Suddenly, we had found a whole new blogging family – thanks to the Challenge.

Here is the list of the survivors – the ones who are proud to display this  badge on our blogs:



  1. Afshan Khan –  The Pensive
  2. Akhil Kalsh/Ayush Chauhan – 1 Hundred Works
  3. Bhavya Nk – Just Another Blog
  4. Cynthia Rodrigues – A Few Drops of Ink
  5. Damyanti Biswas – Daily (W)Rite
  6. Dhiren Shah –  Foto Freaks
  7. Diana Pinto – Diana’s Musings
  8. Ekta Khetan – Numero Unity
  9. Genevive Angela – Living a Life of Gratitude
  10. Janaki Nagaraj –  Memoirs of a Homemaker
  11. José/Corinne/Pablo Rodrigues – From 7Eight
  12. Kajal Kapur – Rainbow Hues
  13. Laxmi Chundi Addanki – Blog Blah_Blah
  14. Meena Menon – Meena’s Space
  15. Meera Srilakshmi – I thinked
  16. Monika Manchanda – Thru’ My Lens
  17. Naina Madan – While The Coffee Brews
  18. Nandana Nallapu – Cheerful Tornado
  19. Pallavi Purani – Pinksock’s Weblog
  20. Pheno Menon – Throo Da Looking Glass
  21. Privy Trifles –  Reviews and Musings
  22. Priya Sreeram – Straight From My Heart
  23. Roshni AaMom – Big A Little a
  24. Ruchira Shukla – Nirjharani
  25. Shail Mohan – Shots and Captures
  26. Sharmila Kulkarni – My Mind
  27. Sheetal Susan – Scribblings
  28. Shilpa Garg – A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose
  29. Sridevi Datta – Bhelpuri Unlimited
  30. Suzy Que – Someday, Somewhere
  31. Vidya Sury – Vidya Sury
  32. Vinita Bahl – BlogwatiG
  33. Yasmeen Akhtar – Join Me In My Solace

Three ladies from another Facebook Group, The Writer’s Post, were also part of my regular reading and commenting round during the challenge.

  1. Talya Tate Boerner  – Grace, Grits and Gardening
  2. Joyce Lanksy  – Catch My Words
  3. Cate Graham – Cattitude and Gratitude

Sadly some of the group were, for various reasons, unable to complete the challenge. But they tried really hard and they’re stars for even trying:

  1. Nibedita Bose  – My World Thru My Spectacled Glasses
  2. Preetilata Sarkar –  My White Window
  3. Sulekha Rawat – Memoirs

To Arlee Bird and the other other organizers of the Challenge, we want to say thanks for creating something that brought a lot of lovely people together. To all you A2Zeders, our sincere thanks for visiting, commenting and mostly for being You.


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53 Replies to “Reflections On Blogging from A-Z April Challenge 2013”

  1. wowowo corinne am at number one 😉 😛
    Ok thats due to alphabetical order I know :-/
    seriously this challenge taught me many things which my 5 years of blogging failed in teaching !
    Have to try to maintain the same zeal in writing and needless to say AM GLAD I FOUND U

  2. I’m impressed by how your group has come together. I think this is the future of A to Z and the bloggers in your group have shown me a new aspect of the A to Z. The Challenge list is so big, so overwhelming, that it becomes a near impossibility to visit everyone on it. If this event continues to grow as it has been doing, the smaller subgroups will be the way to go.

    Great job and congratulations to all of you.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out

  3. I can’t thank you enough for making me meet all you lovely ladies through this challenge. I come out very happy from all the camaraderie we shared.
    YOu’ve been a huge pillar of support and positiveness. Thank you Corinne 🙂 Hugs

  4. Wow Corinne, that about sums up our entire journey 🙂
    I am so glad I met you and all the other lovely bloggers thanks to this challenge.
    Also, I want you to know that you are one wonderful person, your spirit is infectious, and the commitment you show is just out of this world.
    Lots of love, for being You 🙂

    1. Bhavya – I’m so glad we connected via this Challenge. You know I loved Asha and Milan and look forward to reading more about them and you in the days ahead! You’re a wonderfully talented woman and so warm and generous too!

  5. Corinne, you are the one that kept us going, motivated us and visited every single one of my posts. Thank you for all that and more – for posting all our scheduled posts when we were unable to. You are a star. I am so glad to have come to know you.

    1. Suzy, it wouldn’t have been possible without all of us doing what was necessary to push each other along and inspire each other with the quality of writing and also commenting regularly!

  6. Congratulations Corinne 🙂 It was fun participating and I enjoyed my journey. fun, exciting, thrilling and challenging all in one. 🙂 So happy to see my name in the list 😀

  7. Thanks for the shout out! AtoZ is always a lot of fun. I’ve found the trick is to write short pieces in bulk. I entered most weeks with my posts written and ready to be posted. I prefer not to post daily because some pieces don’t get enough attention.

    1. Your trick of writing short posts is what I’m going to try out on my other blog, next year, Joyce. And writing in advance is a great idea too. Of course, you write so well and so effortlessly too – so it all must be a breeze for you!

  8. Wow.. this was such a sweet post Corinne and yesss YOU ARE THE SOLE reason I was there tooo and could even manage to finish it 🙂

    Though I was stumbling and fumbling between but you ensured I kept running!!


  9. Thanks for including my blog. It should be “Looking” Glass and not “Living” Glass 🙂 But it was good platform for sharing and now Writers Tribe !!


    1. Hi Ida – Thank you. The A2Zed Group is a closed one for now. It won’t be active after this until the next AtoZ challenge. I will connect with you on Facebook to add you to another group.

  10. Woot, woot, woot Corinne. Way to go! Of course, you had Jose and Pablo too. Next year, I am taking them both. 😛 This honestly would not have been that easy if it weren’t for you. And that is why we LOVE you! Muah!

    1. Thanks so much, Vinita. Those two guys need to be constantly reminded to post and they have a Social Media manager! 😉 The whole experience was good – thanks to everyone of you!

  11. That’s an interesting idea, haven’t read about anyone else doing that. So, to clarify, these are all people you already knew? I wanted to reach new people and so just kepted working my way up and down the linky, and revisited anyone who visited me and left comments. Results were less then I had hoped for; as I gave it seemed alot more then was returned in terms of visits etc. But, it’s a start. I don’t think I’ll try to do 3 blogs again…….that was a bit much. But, I am trying to keep the momentum going by continuing to visit those on the linky’s, roadtrip, reflections, and orginal. ANd joined one more challenge with this particularly blog.

    1. Gosh! Doing the A-Z for three blogs must have been overwhelming, Sandy. It was hard enough on one!
      To answer your question, I did know a few of these bloggers but didn’t visit their blogs regularly and some were totally new to me. But having a focussed group certainly helped.

  12. Great post idea, I plan to copy it! You’ve given us all great way to give some kudos to people who did the challenge and touched others in some way.

  13. Thanks for the clarification. I mus remember the idea. Thought I’d pop back in as making rounds today from my travel blog. Have a great wkend. Hope to see you as you’re out and about blog walking. With any luck I might make it through the rest of the road trip linky today or tomorrow.

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