We’re Blogging From A to Z in April

We’re Blogging From A to Z in April

Last April, José, Pablo and I enjoyed doing the Blogging From A to Z challenge. What a crazy, exciting month that was. We wrote on the fly, went about commenting and sharing posts like crazy, and most of all having fun.

This year, we’re  more prepared – or at least I hope so. We’ve even decided on a theme – imagine!  Ha ha…. The idea to have a theme was driven by Team Damyanti of the A to Z Challenge organizers. Today is the great andpowerful theme reveal and hundreds of us are taking part in this.


 José and I are keeping it simple here this year, especially since I’m also doing the challenge on Everyday Gyaan and will have other ‘duties’ having been asked by Arlee Bird, the head honcho of the Challenge to be one of his ambassadors. So plenty of action in April.

So what are we going to blog about you ask? We’ve both been doing plenty of reading on our Kindles these past few months – so we’ve decided that we’re blogging about them. So here’s our theme: Books From A To Z.


What can you expect? A synopsis and a brief review from either of us. Are you blogging from A to Z in April too? If so, have you revealed your theme? If not, why not? 🙂


PS: I’m happy to announce the winner of the giveaway for The All You Can Dream Buffet is Bhavya Nandakumar! Congratulations, Bhavya. The publisher will contact you shortly. 🙂


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