Be Your Own Superhero

Don’t look to others to lead the way.
Find the way yourself.
Don’t play small.
You were made for great things.
Look deep inside you and find the hero within.
Be your own superhero!


Love and licks,

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  1. Pablo (The Boxer) says:

    You’re very welcome, Martha. Have a great week!

  2. Thanks for the inspiration, Pablo! Perfect for a Monday morning. 🙂

  3. Hey Pablo…that was simply superb!

    To be honest I kind of needed this message right now. Thanks so much!

    Hugs to you <3

  4. aww pablo, this is very inspiring! thank you so much for sharing. hugs to you from dave and blaine <3 🙂

    • Pablo (The Boxer) says:

      My dear Irene thank you – I’m glad you liked it. Please ask Dave and Blaine to do a guest post for my blog please!

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