Ain’t No Sunshine

Ain't No Sunshine
Ain’t No Sunshine

Title: [amazon asin=B00408AYJU&text=]
Author: Leslie DuBois
Kindle Edition, 218 pages
Published: August 21st 2010 by Little Prince Publishing

Though it is against the law in 1960s Virginia, Stephen Phillips wants to marry his colored neighbor, Ruthie. Growing up in a physically abusive home, his love for Ruthie was the only thing that helped him survive. Instead of giving in to social and family prejudice, Stephen decides to fight for love. And it’s a fight that could lead to murder. Racism and revenge darken this psychological drama set against the backdrop of the segregated South.

Ain’t No Sunshine is an absolutely riveting story which starts with Stephen and Ruthie on the run,  getting caught and charged with the murder of Stephen’s  father.  The story consists entirely of Stephen telling the cops of their innocence and taking them right back to where the story began.  Interracial love, domestic violence, intrigue, suspicion, child abuse are all elements of this book. The characterization is brilliant. You start loving or hating the characters as they emerge. The contrived ending is a bit of a let down. 🙁

However, the twists and turns in the plot make it a difficult book to put down.





Today I’m on A of the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge.

A special thanks to Arlee Bird the creator of the challenge.


56 Replies to “Ain’t No Sunshine”

    1. I’m not sure that this could entirely be classified as African American literature, Cynthia, as it was written from a white boy’s perspective. It was quite gripping.

  1. You make the book sound so interesting. I thought of the song “Ain’t no sunshine” when I saw the title of your post so was good to hear it too.

  2. What attracted me to the post was the title of your post..It is one of my favorite songs…Ain’t No Sunshine..
    A great start to the Blogger Challenge, Corinne! Thumbs Up!

  3. The story line sounds fascinating. I saw a mention of this book on Goodreads. Interracial romance always makes for an interesting read. I like the idea of the book trailer.

    Thanks – I am going to find and read this book.

    Happy A to Z -eding!

    1. I got it free off Amazon, Vidya – it wouldn’t have been something that I would have picked otherwise! 😉 But then it turned out to be a good read.
      Book trailers are becoming quite the thing to do these days.
      Happy A to Z-eding to you too!

  4. I love stories about segregation, their hardships and victory! This challenge has already recommended some great books to me! Thanks, Corrine!

    1. Can’t imagine that people lived in times like those, Linda. But then there’s various kinds of segregation still existing these days. 🙁
      Yes – I too am adding a lot to my ‘want-to-read’ list via the challenge.

  5. Hi there!

    I found you via Twitter for the A to Z blogging challenge.

    My aunt and uncle were married in the 50’s and because they were not the same race, they actually had to book separate rooms on their honeymoon! This book sounds like an interesting peek into a time in history with a fast paced plot to boot.

    Happy A to Z-ing to you!


    1. Thanks for coming by, Tui. Your aunt and uncle must have had several stories to tell themselves. Looking forward to reading your posts too. The first one sounds so interesting. Am off to read it!

  6. I watched the trailor, very powerful communication, I have not tried reading these kind of books, need to try some times. Thanks for sharing !

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