A Morning Ritual

Free Cup of Coffee and Flowers at Daybreak Creative Commons

She sits quietly by the window
Taking in the morning air.
Enjoying the sounds of the birds.
Her coffee cools
As she recalls all she dreamed the night before.

Then she starts to write
Without thought or censor
Writing of her dreams, her prayers,
Her memories and her pain,
Her love, her gratitude
And everything that makes life rich and colorful.

The pen seems to take on a life of its own
The pages seem to absorb it all
Clearing her head
Helping her to move on
To focus on the day ahead.



This is a colorful version of my morning ritual – the Morning Pages. I have been struggling with them since January – off some days, on some days. But it’s been one of the most life-changing exercises for me. It’s made me see things in my past and present like I’ve never done before. It has opened up a lot of creativity within me.

The Morning Pages’ ritual is recommended by Julia Cameron in her book The Artist’s Way.

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Do you have a morning ritual that centers you and helps you face the rest of the day in a better way? Do share?


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11 Replies to “A Morning Ritual”

  1. That’s a nice morning ritual….I’d like to do something like that someday…presently my morning ritual involves a lot of hustle to get myself and my child ready for the day 😛

  2. Loved how you gave a sneek peek into your morning rituals through this lovely poem. My morning are sadly rushed too…for office…but I love to go to my balcony in the morning breathe in the fresh air and water the few plants 🙂

  3. Your mornings are a lot more structured than mine. Once I get the kids on the bus I am to my own devices which usually involves answering comments and commenting…and then I write. If I am clueless what to write, I read, knit, draw lately, or do housework until I am inspired. ♥

  4. For the past two odd months now, the first few things that I do quite early in the morning, especially before my lil one wakes up is to read and respond to comments on my blog, and then go on to catch up on reading posts on the blogs that I follow. And the timestamp on this comment is testimony to that 😀

    This was a nice post, crisply summarizing your morning ritual, loved the pic as well 🙂

  5. Based on your nice post and some of the comments … a morning ritual is possible if one wakes up early enough to have the time for the ritual. Whatever each person’s morning ritual, it has the impact that you described so well:
    “Clearing her head
    Helping her to move on
    To focus on the day ahead.”

  6. I love the poetic form you wrote this in. I’ve heard of the therapeutic effects of the morning pages. My morning ritual is a quick prayer and a hello to loved ones in spirit, then sipping my tea in solitude while I watch the hills.

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