55 Fiction


This is in response to a brilliant tutorial and a prompt by Vidya Sury on Write Tribe.


Train Tracks 

Rahul walked slowly alongside the tracks.  Fed up of the monotony of it all, he wondered if he should end it. Everything seemed  meaningless without his sweet Sheela.  He wasn’t  allowed to meet her  since she fell ill.  Suddenly, he heard a voice, “Rahul, stop it! That toy train of yours is driving me mad!”




Felíz Día de las Madres - Happy Mother's Day

Yellow Roses

“You don’t bring me flowers any more!” she had cried yesterday.
He bought yellow roses on his way to meet her that evening. On the card he wrote, ‘To the love of my life!’
“Look what I brought for you, sweetheart!”
“My favorite,” she said flashing him a toothless smile. “But who are you?”






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32 Replies to “55 Fiction”

  1. Corinne! I am bowled over by the second one! The perfect,classic 55-er. WTG. 🙂
    The other one is good too, but my fav takes away all my attention. 😀

  2. The first one , a superb twist. I was scared.
    The second one of the old age dementia. so sad. written so beautifully.

  3. Oh you are a master story teller. Loved the twist in both. I absolutely love yellow roses. And I hope I will always know the loves of my life 🙂

  4. Loved the second piece 🙂 there was something about the toothless smile that made me grin…..reminded me of those numerous mosquito ads that are coming on tv these days 🙂

  5. Both are superb. While the second one makes your heart wrench. The first one gives you a strong jolt. So my favorite here is the first one.

    Toy trains hold a very special place in my heart, after of course a bicycle.

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